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Kenneth Aaron

Ken has always had a camera in his hand. As a child he became enthralled with photography, and that passion grew into a need to make photos. Ken learned the craft of photography while film was king, and brings the traditional aspects of the craft to his work in digital.

Ken loves to photograph both natural and urban landscapes, and the people that inhabit them. National Geographic was a huge influence on Ken's photography, which is how he learned the power of visual storytelling. He refined his photographic vision through extensive international and domestic travel, giving him a different way to see the world. He brings that vision to his local work, offering a different perspective of familiar scenes.

Ken uses a variety of techniques including shooting both film and digital, infrared, high dynamic range (HDR), pinhole, macro photography, 360-degree panoramas, and hand coloring photos. He has an extensive library of Portland and Pacific Northwest, as well as international imagery. Ken is available for assignment work to provide you with unique images for your project.